Our 7,000 sq. ft. warehouse is what makes Revival the most unique furniture shopping destination in Raleigh. Located just down the sidewalk from our main showroom, the warehouse is stacked high with our as-is finds. This is the first stop for items fresh off our trucks returning from the northeast. Items in the warehouse can be purchased as they sit, or our team of craftsmen can refurbish furniture pieces to make them the perfect fit for your décor. Painted furniture is our specialty.

Rows of furniture inventory await and range from huge formerly built-in cupboards to architectural details like old windows, doors and trim. Choose from an entire wall of chairs, racks of dining tables and bed frames, stacks of dressers, cupboard bases, buffets, side tables and more! Come with an open mind, and let our team help you re-imagine these pieces … a former workbench becomes a one-of-a-kind kitchen island, or a depression era sideboard transforms into a statement vanity for the bath.